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speech coach washington DCWhether you are delivering a keynote, pitching a potential client, or just want to improve your communication skills, Green Room Speakers will make a remarkable difference. We believe that clear content naturally leads to a more compelling delivery. We spend as much time working on your content as we do on your delivery skills.


Green Room Speakers works with experts from any and every industry. We helped:

  • a private equity fund manager craft a pitch to a bank
  • a Fortune 50 company executive deliver a presentation to drive the team forward
  • a team of foreign nationals influence an American audience
  • an author prepare for an international book tour
  • a think tank CEO deliver a speech at the annual fundraising dinner
  • a nonprofit president prepare for a board presentation
  • a national politician prepare a campaign and inauguration speech
  • a policy leader deliver a keynote address
  • an architect deliver a presentation for a multi-million dollar client
  • a recent college grad prepare for a job interview
  • a federal manager overcome a phobia of public speaking
  • a CPA executive make a pitch to a new client
  • a rabbi craft and deliver high holiday sermons

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“I used to feel crippling anxiety about speaking engagements. It took me months and countless hours to get ready. Sarah and I set a dream goal that one day I would be so comfortable speaking that I could give an excellent presentation with no angsting and much more efficient prep. Well, I just finished a Zoom session with over 100 IIT students in India – I was able to prepare much more quickly and with no agony. The students got a lot out of the presentation and I really enjoyed it! Working with Sarah has made a huge difference in my life in making me a better speaker and saving countless hours of work and angst. Sarah is a joy to collaborate with.”
Elena Botelho, Partner, GH Smart