Read what some of our clients have to say about our work.

Greg Sullivan, Co-CEO, SBSB Financial Advisors

“In my 40 year career I’ve worked with a lot of communications consultants and Sarah is the best I have seen. She has an uncanny ability to listen and then ask just the right question that helps you figure out your message. Sarah has helped our financial advisors at every level of our firm – and we are all better for having worked with her.”

Elena Botelho, Partner, GH Smart

“I used to feel crippling anxiety about speaking engagements. It took me months and countless hours to get ready. Sarah and I set a dream goal that one day I would be so comfortable speaking that I could give an excellent presentation with no angsting and much more efficient prep. Well, I just finished a Zoom session with over 100 IIT students in India – I was able to prepare much more quickly and with no agony. The students got a lot out of the presentation and I really enjoyed it! Working with Sarah has made a huge difference in my life in making me a better speaker and saving countless hours of work and angst. Sarah is a joy to collaborate with.”

James Allen, Executive Vice President, Booz Allen Hamilton

“As a senior executive, I thought my communications skills just needed a bit of sharpening, but Sarah Gershman enabled me to transform my ability to communicate with people who are important to me, both professionally and personally. She has genuine understanding of people and human nature and a deep respect for the audience that informs her approach. She listens and observes carefully and offers suggestions that are specific and actionable. Her effect has been profound – not only am I a much better communicator but I think a better leader and person.”

Jess Harden, Learning and Development Manager, Brunswick Group

“Sarah has offered communications training and coaching at every level of our firm – from entry level all the way to Partners. Over and over, the feedback has been outstanding – Sarah’s ability to help participants know how to answer the primary need of their audience is a unique perspective that garners great outcomes. This is not cookie-cutter public speaking training. Sarah has a deep understanding of our specific needs – and a highly sophisticated and personal approach to helping our leaders communicate with greater clarity and effectiveness.”

Larry Clark, Senior Director, Microsoft Corporation

“Our leadership team brought Sarah on to help us prepare multiple presentations for an annual conference. I quickly saw that Sarah has a rare and well-developed gift for helping leaders discover the heart of what they need to communicate, and guiding them to deliver the message with impact. Her insights on both how to structure content and how to deliver the message are spot on. Best of all, she has the right presence and approach to work with all levels of leadership – her approach is direct, motivating and warm.”

Jane Larson, Community Engagement and Employee Communications Manager, General Dynamics

“Sarah is a master coach. She knows how to ask just the right questions that get to the heart of exactly what you are trying to communicate. She has a keen ability to identify the precise changes that have the greatest impact on improving a presentation. Her constructive feedback is valuable, helpful, and always offered in the most unassuming manner. Whether you need to overcome speaking anxiety or just learn how to communicate technical information more clearly, Sarah will guide and empower you every step of the way.”

Michael Fitzgerald, Professor of Management, McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University

“Sarah has taught several Communication courses for undergraduates and MBAs at McDonough School of Business. Sarah’s communications classes are consistently some of our most popular offerings for our students. Students say to me that learning with her is transformative – she gives our students not only the tools to speak effectively, but the confidence to be able to share their voice. Students feel her courses provide them with valuable skills for their careers and personal lives.”

Nathan Perdue, Director of Sales, Guardicore

“My role, as VP of Sales for a cyber security company requires that I deliver consequential presentations internally and externally. These include company kick offs, investor pitches, presentations to customers and partners. Sarah is not a cyber security expert, but seems to instantly get to the heart of what I want to say – its amazing. What I love most about her is how she’s able instantly work with what I bring her – often only an outline. The results: career defining presentations which have real impact on our business.”

Rena Subotnik, American Psychological Association

“Sarah Gershman has provided me with the kind of coaching I had no idea I needed. I sought her out for advice on presentation skills, anticipating we would focus on visual and oral delivery. I got that, but more important we spent our time together organizing the logic of my presentations. I found it invaluable to talk through what I hoped to accomplish in a given amount of time with an audience. Together we constructed the storyline I would most enjoy telling. With some practice and her supportive assistance, my confidence level has risen such that we have moved on to evidence based tricks of the trade in presentation delivery.”

Bruce, New Jersey

“I have been afflicted with performance anxiety, and fear of public speaking for 30+ years, always finding ways to avoid, transfer, or muddle through the terror of my public speaking obligations. I have read a couple dozen books, a couple hundred articles, taken a dozen classes, and attended 15 workshops. Never, until I read your HBR article, did I hear anyone articulate my feelings and worries — the feeling of the eyes of the predators, and being under attack — thats exactly how I have felt in varying degrees for dozens and dozens of presentations. I am so thankful to have found this article, and I am going to work on my attitude of generosity to try to counter-balance those perceived predators. Thank you again!!”

Senior Foundation Scholar, The Kauffman Foundation

Sarah is a superb coach. She sharpened my speaking skills considerably, covering everything from content and organization to how to connect with an audience and leave listeners with a clear take-home message. She doesn’t hesitate to offer tough love when needed, but her critiques are thoughtful and constructive. What’s more, her enthusiasm is contagious. I recommend her highly.

Molly Murphy, Deputy Director, Working Films

We made a decision to hire Sarah because we believe that raising the quality of our presentations is fundamental to our success. Sarah’s dual focus on content and delivery has been invaluable to our organization. Sarah’s feedback is candid, supportive, and always on point. Sarah not only helped us prepare for critical presentations, but gave us critical speaking tools we use in every speaking situation.

Elie Kaunfer, Executive Director, Mechon Hadar

Sarah is an outstanding trainer. Her workshops are sharp, relevant, and fun. She has an amazing ability to both build participants’ self-confidence, while at the same time challenge them to reach past their comfort level.

Bruce Nolan, Director, US Department of Treasury Executive Institute

Green Room Speakers demystifies communications skills and encourages each participant to leverage his or her unique style for the most effectiveness. Whether one is preparing for an executive briefing to a few or a speech to a large audience, Green Room Speakers teaches skills to increase impact and build confidence.

Debbie Brodsky, DMB Pictures

I knew Sarah was a great speaker and would have excellent coaching regarding my presentation skills, but her ability to re-work content was incredible and went well beyond my expectations. Her ideas were both innovative and insightful. She really understands how to give a speech that delivers results for you and your audience. I highly recommend Sarah, especially to those wanting to take their professional speaking skills to the next level. She is a pleasure to work with.

Marilynn Deane Mendell/President WinSpin CIC, Inc

I get my clients to work with Sarah because she’s able to transform the way they make live presentations.  Her story examples help people remember  lessons which then enables change to stick. Sarah’s a force who can drill down and locate just the right point to provide speakers with a clear message which in turn ultimately helps win the day! And her gentle manner lends just the right touch for the shy and reluctant.

Tara Coles, Founder/CEO ArtNest, Inc.

I engaged Sarah to help me prepare for a business pitch presentation. I arrived with a stiff written pitch and left with a engaging conversational story. Sarah is an amazing and gifted presentation and speaking coach – her style is so natural and collaborative that it didn’t even feel like work! She gave me the confidence to let go of the word for word narrative and embrace the passionate message that I was trying to convey.

Jeanne Rossomme, Founder and President, RoadMap Marketing

I worked with Sarah on two high profile speaking engagements for a large corporation. Although I have been speaking publicly for several years, the time I spent with Sarah was transformative. Sarah is able to get at the core of the communications purpose and the audience. She “upped my game” as a speaker, as shown in the resulting evaluations from the client and audience. I would highly recommend Sarah to any individual or company that wants to improve their speaking effectiveness.